How Coach Ashwathi grew her business by 4x with Spur.Fit

About the coach - Ashwathi

Ashwathi, an experienced fitness coach with a two-year track record, embarked on a transformative journey not only for herself but also for her clients. Seeking a more efficient and professional approach to coaching, she encountered challenges that prompted her to explore a solution that would elevate her training programs.


Ashwathi faced several challenges in streamlining her coaching process. The lack of an organized system for assigning workouts and nutrition plans hindered the professional structure she aimed to achieve. Real-time feedback and monitoring the progress of her clients were also areas that needed improvement. Additionally, the existing workout library lacked a comprehensive warm-up section, prompting the need for a more tailored solution.

"I faced the challenge of juggling workout assignments, nutrition planning, and real-time feedback. The lack of an organized system made it difficult to provide a professional and efficient coaching experience"

The Spur.Fit Solution

Spur.Fit emerged as the comprehensive solution to Ashwati's challenges. The platform's features, such as video-based workouts with customizable sets and repetitions, provided a dynamic and engaging training experience for both coach and clients.

The real-time feedback feature became a valuable tool in enhancing communication and progress tracking.

Ashwathi praised the extensive workout library, which exceeded her expectations. Spur.Fit's responsiveness to user feedback was evident when a suggested warm-up addition was promptly implemented.

The flexibility to add new workouts personalized to her coaching style demonstrated the platform's adaptability and user-friendly interface.

Ashwathi experienced a 30% reduction in time spent on workout and nutrition planning, allowing for more focus on personalized coaching.

The integration of nutrition planning with recipes and detailed macronutrient information proved to be a game-changer. This feature not only facilitated Ashwathi in designing well-rounded diet plans but also empowered her clients with valuable insights into their nutritional intake.

Just like Ashwathi and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

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