Experience personalized fitness guidance with the world’s first AI-powered personal trainer platform

World's first AI Co-Pilot for fitness trainers- Spur.fit

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    Upscale your business to train 5x more clients

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    Elevate your digital presence with our AI tool

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    Engage with your clients like never before

Train 5x clients with our AI Co-pilot  Personal Training.

Custom tailored workout builder

Create personalized workout plans for the gym, home, or even outdoors.

Engage and retain

Automatically track progress, provide feedback, and create strong meaningful relationships.

 All-in-one interface

Single integrated platform with micro-level analytics that helps your business grow.

“Spur Fit is an end-to-end solution replacing WhatsApp, email, Excel, and text all in one place. It's helped me increase my focus and overall productivity and give me hours back into the rest of my day while creating a seamless workout routine for my clients to help them achieve their health goals.”

Personal trainer review


Personal Trainer & Influencer

 Use the AI-Powered Workout Builder to Create Customized Workout Routines for Your Clients with Spur.fit.


World's best workout program builder is here.

Spur.fit generative AI senses and summarizes knowledge from existing fitness programs, assisting you in creating new programs with just a few parameters. We use the last 50 years of programming knowledge to provide the best workout program recommendations for your clients.


Comprehensive progress tracking with Rep Counting to track client adherence.

Are you struggling to track your client's adherence to your workout plans? Spur.fit uses advanced wearable integration to provide accurate reps, helping you evaluate and maintain client progress with every exercise.

Efficiently Track Fitness Progress with Customizable Goals, Activity Logs, and Data Visualization Tools on Spur.fit
 Personalize Your Branding and Marketing Tools with Spur.fit to Reach Your Target Audience


Your website, your brand, your marketing tool.

Create your landing page and show off your trainer profile, training plans, and those lovely client testimonials for everyone to see. Our advanced analytics will help you see how visitors are interacting with your website.

Upgrade your plan, not your costs!

From personal coaches to gym owners and influencer trainers alike, we're here to help you flex your business muscles and conquer the ever-changing fitness landscape.



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    Upto 10 clients

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    Client progress management

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    Smart program builder



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    Everything in the free plan, plus

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    Seamless integration with wearables

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    Track nutrition, and payments

We are talk of the town for good reasons!


Fitness Coach

“I can create effective workout plans on there and I can message my clients anytime directly on the site. The great part is that the exercise comes with an instructional video in case my clients have any questions on form and I can manage and communicate with them really effective on it.”


Personal Trainer & Influencer

“Spur Fit is an end to end solution replacing WhatsApp, email, Excel, text all in one place. It's helped me increase my focus and overall productivity and give me hours back into my day while creating a seamless workout experience for my clients to help them achieve their health goals.”


Fitness Trainer

“Spur fit is a total game changer! My entire client management has become so easier because of which my clients can focus better on their goals properly and thus also helping me scale up my business exponentially now.”

Frequently Asked

Got any other questions? Feel free to reach us and we're always glad to help.

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What is Spur.fit?

We are the world's first AI copilot for fitness trainers that helps you train up to 5 times more clients than you previously did, engage and retain clients while we do the heavy lifting.

Can I customize workout plans on Spurfit?

Getting started with Spurfit as a personal trainer is easy. You can request access on our website. Once your account is created, you can create your profile, set your rates, and target, and generate more clients to build your community.

Can I create a workout plan and customize it on Spur.fit?

Yes, you can create, save, and schedule your workout builder customized for each of your clients using our personal trainer software. You can save and choose from a variety of exercises and create your instructions, sets, and reps. You can also upload videos and images to help demonstrate proper form.

Can I track my client's progress on Spur.fit?

Yes, you can track your client's progress on Spurfit. Spur.fit integrates with every wearable to provide in-depth analysis after every workout. Additionally, the platform's algorithms offer detailed insights on recovery and other major indicators, including the ability to count reps and track weight for every movement.

If I'm already using a tool do you guys help with data migration?

Yes, we know moving from another software to Spur.fit might be intimidating. Our tech team is here to do all the hard work for you and seamlessly migrate all your data