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About the coach - Vinay Krishnamurthy (@justvinayk)

Meet Coach Vinay Krishnamurthy, a UA certified running coach and government affiliated strength training coach with 3 years of experience. With a background in fitness science and a wealth of experience, Vinay has carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of online coaching.
He emphasizes the importance of combining strength training with running programs for optimal results.


Vinay found it challenging to effectively tailor workouts for his clients with varying fitness levels and goals. He struggled with:

1. Limited platform options: Existing platforms catered solely to running or strength training, lacked visual aids, and offered generic workout descriptions.

2. Time-consuming customization: Manually creating and assigning individual workouts was inefficient, requiring excessive time investment.

3. Communication gaps: Clients often required clarification on workout details, leading to frequent communication and explanation.

"It took a long time, I was searching for platforms everywhere and I would only find like specific ones, some platforms only for running or only for strength training and sometimes it wouldn't be accurate."


Spur.Fit emerged as the perfect answer. Its features addressed Vinay's challenges directly:

Video Library: A comprehensive video library provided clear exercise demonstrations, eliminating the need for external resources.

Customization: Workouts could be tailored to individual needs, considering factors like race goals and injury recovery.

Direct Messaging: In-app messaging facilitated seamless communication between Vinay and his clients.

"Earlier I would write each individual excel. Now I can see what the previous week was and what exercises they have done. I can design the workout for next week very efficiently"

What difference did Spur.Fit make for Coach Vinay

Spur.Fit significantly improved Vinay's coaching experience:

1. Reduced Time Commitment: Workout design time went from 2-3 hours to 1-1.5 hours for 10+ clients. He was saving 50% of his time with the help of Spur.Fit

2. Enhanced Efficiency: Personalized workout creation became effortless with easy editing options. This helped with about 34% increase in the average compliance of the clients.

3. Improved Client Communication: Direct messaging fostered clear communication and real-time feedback. It helped in improvement of about 46% increase in client engagement.

"My clients love the Spur.Fit app. The exercise videos are clear and helpful, and they can easily communicate with me about their progress. This has led to a more engaged and motivated group of trainees."

Spur.Fit empowered Vinay to become a more effective coach by offering a solution that addressed his specific needs.
The platform's functionalities not only reduced his workload but also improved the overall client experience through personalization, clear communication, and efficient program management.

Vinay highly recommends Spur.Fit to coaches seeking to streamline their workflows and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Just like Vinay and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

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