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About the coach - Deepika Rao (@thefitfoodietravels)

Coach Deepika, a seasoned fitness coach and medical microbiologist by education, boasts over 19 years of experience in health and medicine.

Her journey into fitness coaching began as a passion discovered in her twenties, evolving from a personal interest into a thriving profession. For the past six years, she has dedicated herself to coaching individuals, corporates, and events in strength and conditioning.


Coach Deepika faced a significant challenge in engaging her trainees during non-live classes. Relying on Excel sheets to share workout programs resulted in declining interest and adherence among her clients.

Monitoring progress and providing real-time support became increasingly challenging, hindering the overall coaching experience.

"As an online coach, the biggest challenge as a coach is adherence. Spur.Fit is so user-friendly & interactive that my clients absolutely love it."


Embarking on a journey with Spur.Fit marked a transformative phase for Coach Deepika, infusing her coaching practice with dynamic solutions to longstanding challenges. The platform's workout builder emerged as a game-changer, dispelling the confusion associated with traditional Excel-based programs.

"Spur.Fit's workout builder revolutionized my coaching approach. Crafting structured programs with demonstrative videos and customized features has not only enriched my trainees' experience but has also injected a new level of engagement into our sessions," she expressed with enthusiasm.

The comprehensive dashboard proved indispensable, offering real-time insights that significantly bolstered Coach Deepika's ability to track trainee progress.

"The user-friendly dashboard has been a game-changer. Monitoring adherence, making real-time edits—it's all streamlined now, allowing me to focus on the individualized needs of my clients without the hassle of cumbersome manual tracking"

Spur.Fit's impact on client adherence and engagement resonated deeply. Coach Deepika noticed a visible shift in trainee behavior, reflecting increased accountability and a stronger commitment to their fitness journeys.

"The platform created an environment of being closely monitored, fostering heightened engagement and commitment. Trainees not only appreciated the personalized touch but actively contributed with increased feedback and interaction," she shared.

Efficiency in designing customized workouts emerged as a standout feature, empowering Coach Deepika to manage a larger clientele without compromising on the quality of her coaching.

Spur.Fit's workout builder not only elevated the quality of her programs but also saved her considerable time. Now, delivering top-notch coaching is more seamless, allowing her to dedicate more energy to the art of coaching itself.

Coach Deepika applauded the Spur.Fit team's responsiveness, emphasizing their role in creating a seamless experience. The AI integration, particularly the Co-Pilot feature, was celebrated as a valuable asset, providing intuitive suggestions for workout and meal planning.

"The Spur.Fit team's support has been exceptional, ensuring a seamless experience. The Co-Pilot feature, with its intuitive suggestions, has become an invaluable ally in streamlining the coaching process"

In conclusion, Coach Deepika's testimonial vividly illustrates how Spur.Fit's interactive and user-centric features not only addressed her challenges but also elevated the overall coaching experience for both the coach and clients.

As she looks ahead, Coach Deepika remains confident in Spur.Fit's scalability and its role in further enhancing her coaching efficiency.
Just like Deepika and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

Just like Deepika and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

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