Kentrell reveals Why Spur.Fit is the best personal training software

About the coach - Kentrell

Meet Kentrell Palmer, a dynamic and dedicated 27-year-old fitness professional hailing from Chicago and currently residing in Carbondale, Illinois. Kentrell's journey in the fitness industry began as a group fitness instructor before evolving into a skilled personal trainer and nutrition coach through both undergraduate and graduate studies.


When introduced to Spur.Fit, Kentrell was initially skeptical, having encountered numerous fitness platforms that promised innovation but failed to deliver. The primary concerns included the ease of use, differentiation from other platforms, and the adaptability for his diverse client base, particularly those less tech-savvy.

"I thought it was gonna be just another fitness platform that said they were different. But you all actually have been like the easiest and most put together fitness app I've used so far."

The Spur.Fit Solution

Spur.Fit not only met but exceeded Kentrell's expectations. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless integration were highlighted as standout features.

The detailed workout breakdowns, customizable calendars, and nutrition coaching capabilities significantly streamlined Kentrell's coaching process.

The Co-pilot feature, akin to having a virtual assistant, allowed him to create tailored programs efficiently, considering specific client needs, preferences, and even dietary restrictions.

Key Features and Benefits:

Co-pilot Assistance:
Kentrell emphasized the Co-pilot feature, appreciating its specificity in generating workout and meal plans based on various criteria, thus saving time and ensuring program effectiveness.

Program Flexibility: The app's flexibility, evident in the ability to move and adjust workout schedules on the calendar, was crucial in managing client workloads and preventing workout fatigue.

"The Co-pilot helps out a lot because you can get as specific as you want. It's kinda like you all put chat GPT with it. With you all's app. 'Cause I can go in, I can type in like a three-week program, emphasis on core, and it'll break down an entire workout while emphasizing the core"

Communication and Support: Kentrell praised Spur.Fit's prompt and effective communication. The WhatsApp group chat facilitated easy communication, addressing queries and ensuring a smooth collaboration between Kentrell and the Spur.Fit team.

Continuous Improvement: Kentrell acknowledged Spur.Fit's commitment to growth and improvement. Regular updates and enhancements provided him with new tools and features, reinforcing the platform's relevance and adaptability.


Kentrell encourages fellow trainers, especially independent ones like himself, to give Spur.Fit a shot. With its AI capabilities, comprehensive program management, and responsive support, Spur.Fit emerges as a valuable asset for trainers seeking efficiency, organization, and a holistic approach to client coaching.
The platform not only simplifies program creation but also allows for real-time adjustments, making it an ideal solution for trainers looking to enhance their coaching experience.

Just like Kentrell and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

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