From Bootcamps to Big City Fitness: How Eric scaled his business with Spur Fit

About the coach - Eric

Eric Carrier, a veteran of the fitness industry for over 15 years, is the founder and owner of Chem Fit LLC. Chem Fit brings a unique blend of fitness classes, personal training, massage, and nutrition counseling to major metropolitan cities across the US.


Juggling diverse offerings across various locations presented a logistical nightmare for Chem Fit. Managing complex competitor systems like Trainerize and EverFit proved cumbersome for both Eric and his clients. The need for a streamlined, user-friendly platform became paramount.

"Spur.Fit was a big step up from the complexity of other platforms. It's user-friendly for everyone, from trainers to clients."

The Spur.Fit Solution

Chem Fit's transition to Spur.Fit marked a turning point. Eric highlights the platform's ease of use as a key differentiator:

"Spur Fit was easier to pick up and use not just for myself and my team, but also for my clients as well." This user-friendly interface streamlined operations and improved client satisfaction.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Copilot:
This AI-powered assistant automates tasks like scheduling, reminders, and progress tracking, freeing up Eric and his team to focus on client coaching.

2. Simplified Interface:
The intuitive platform made it easy for both trainers and clients to navigate workouts, track progress, and communicate effectively.

3. Mobile App: Chem Fit leveraged the Spur.Fit mobile app to provide clients with on-the-go access to their fitness programs, further enhancing engagement and convenience.

"Spur Fit Copilot is probably one of the first of its is something new and it is definitely a recommendation for any trainer or any fitness type of business."

Spur.Fit Copilot, a unique AI assistant, further revolutionized Chem Fit's approach. Eric describes it as "something new and it is definitely a recommendation for any trainer or any fitness type of business."

Copilot automates tasks, personalizes workouts, and provides real-time feedback, freeing up trainers to focus on delivering exceptional client experiences.


Chem Fit's success story demonstrates the transformative power of Spur.Fit. By prioritizing user-friendliness and innovative features, Spur.Fit empowered Eric and his team to streamline operations, improve client engagement, and ultimately achieve their fitness goals.

As Eric aptly concludes, "Spur.Fit is something that I recommend to any fitness professional or fitness business."

Just like Eric and many of our fantastic coaches you can scale you business with Spur.Fit

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