How to: Run Social Media Ads as a Fitness Coach in 2024

January 2, 2024

Ah, the New Year. Resolutions abound, gyms overflow and social media streams are flooded with fitness coaches vying for attention. With 52% of Americans setting New Year's fitness goals, the potential is huge, but so is the competition. So, how do you, the awesome online fitness coach, stand out from the pack and attract clients without breaking the bank?

Fear not, fellow motivators! We're here to crack the code on dominating social media ads in 2024, even on a budget.

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  1. Set a budget and choose the right platforms: We'll help you maximise your limited resources and target the right audience.
  2. Craft compelling ad copy and visuals: Discover the secrets of grabbing attention and communicating your value proposition clearly and engagingly.
  3. Writing persuasive copy that sells: No more cheesy gimmicks. We'll teach you how to write clear, concise, and compelling ad copy that speaks directly to your audience's desires and pain points, sparking their curiosity and motivating them to take the next step

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Platforms and Playbooks:



Tap into the trend-driven world of TikTok with short, punchy videos showcasing your personality and workout style. Offer quick tips, before-and-after transformations, or even funny fitness fails (we've all been there!). Use relevant hashtags like #NewYearNewMe and #FitnessJourney to reach your target audience.


Target specific demographics with Facebook ads. Create ads highlighting your expertise. Use engaging visuals, offer free consultations, and run limited-time promotions to grab attention.


Don't underestimate the power of Instagram's visual storytelling. Share mouthwatering photos of healthy meals, inspiring workout scenery, and snippets of your training sessions. Run contests or giveaways to boost engagement and build your follower base.
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1. Content that Converts:

Focus on transformation: Show real people achieving real results through your coaching. Testimonials, before-and-after photos, and success stories are powerful motivators.

2. Be authentic and relatable:

Ditch the overly polished persona and let your personality shine through. Share your own fitness journey, struggles, and triumphs. People connect with authenticity.

3. Offer value, not just promises

Provide quick tips, workout routines, or healthy recipes. Demonstrate your expertise and build trust before asking for a sale.

4. Keep it fun and festive:

Inject some holiday cheer into your content! Share festive workout routines, healthy holiday recipes, or tips for staying motivated during the season.


The New Year doesn't have to be a competitive nightmare for online fitness coaches. By focusing on valuable content, strategic platform selection, and utilizing our free guidebook, you can craft social media ads that attract clients, build your brand, and achieve your business goals. Remember, it's about offering value, building trust, and standing out with your unique personality. So, go forth, coaches, and confidently conquer the social media world with the help of our social media guidebook from officially!

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