The 7 Deadly Sins of Pricing Online Coaching Business

January 15, 2024

As a digital coach, you have a unique opportunity to reach a global audience and grow your business online. However, one of the biggest challenges for online coaches is pricing their services effectively. Pricing your digital coaching services too high can drive away potential clients while pricing them too low can undervalue your expertise and lead to burnout.
In this article, we'll explore the seven deadly sins of pricing for online coaching businesses and how to avoid them.

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Sin #1: Not Knowing Your Worth

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The first and most common sin of pricing for online coaching businesses is not knowing your worth. Many coaches struggle with imposter syndrome and undervalue their expertise, leading to undercharging for their services.

To avoid this sin, take the time to assess your skills, experience, and the value you provide to your clients. Consider the results you have achieved for past clients and the unique perspective you bring to your coaching. This will help you determine your worth and set a fair price for your services.

Sin #2: Not Understanding Your Target Market

Another common mistake when pricing for online coaching businesses is not understanding your target market. Different demographics and industries may have varying budgets and expectations for coaching services.

Before setting your prices, research your target market and understand their needs, pain points, and budget. This will help you tailor your pricing to your ideal clients and ensure that you are not pricing yourself out of the market.

Sin #3: Not Considering Your Expenses

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When setting prices for your online coaching services, it's essential to consider your expenses. This includes not only your time and expertise but also any tools, software, or marketing costs associated with running your business.
Take the time to calculate your expenses and factor them into your pricing strategy.

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Sin #4: Not Offering Different Pricing Options

Not offering different pricing options is another common mistake that online coaches make. Some clients may prefer a one-time payment, while others may prefer a monthly subscription or a package deal.

By offering different pricing options, you can cater to a wider range of clients and increase your chances of making a sale. Consider offering a tiered pricing structure with different levels of service or a mix of one-time payments and subscription options.

Sin #5: Not Communicating the Value of Your Services

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One of the biggest sins of pricing for online coaching businesses is not effectively communicating the value of your services. Many coaches focus on the price rather than the value they provide, which can lead to potential clients questioning the cost.

To avoid this sin, make sure to highlight the benefits and results that clients can expect from your coaching services. Share testimonials and case studies from past clients to showcase the value you have provided to others.

Sin #6: Not Adjusting Your Prices Over Time

Another mistake that online coaches make is not adjusting their prices over time. As your business grows and your expertise increases, your prices should reflect that growth.

Don't be afraid to periodically review and adjust your prices to reflect the value you provide and the market demand. This will ensure that you are not undervaluing your services and can continue to grow your business sustainably.

Sin #7: Not Testing Your Prices

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The final sin of pricing for online coaching businesses is not testing your prices. It's essential to experiment with different pricing strategies to see what works best for your business and your target market.

Consider offering discounts or promotions to attract new clients and gather feedback on your pricing. You can also survey past clients to understand their perception of your pricing and make adjustments accordingly.


Pricing your online coaching services effectively is crucial for the success of your business. By avoiding these seven deadly sins of pricing, you can set fair prices that reflect your worth and attract your ideal clients. Remember to regularly review and adjust your prices to ensure that your business remains sustainable and profitable. With the right pricing strategy, you can take your online coaching business to new heights of success.
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